10 reasons to create your personalized game plan:

  1. Reduce worry, stress, and anxiety
  2. Facilitate a quick start in your new role
  3. Speed up cultural adaptation
  4. Enhance integration within the team
  5. Avoid pitfalls by wanting too much too fast
  6. Structure a step-by-step strategy
  7. Boost confidence by clarifying expectations
  8. Prevent misunderstandings and confusion
  9. Take impactful actions at the right time
  10. Strategize important actions and interactions at key moments

For making an impact, swiftly assuming your role, and maximizing your success!

"I believe every new manager should benefit from this training at least once in their career." - Chantal Parent, Director, Organizational Development and Training, La Presse

10 challenges when changing jobs:

  1. Adapting to a new corporate culture
  2. Pressure to perform quickly
  3. Acquiring new skills
  4. Building relationships with new colleagues
  5. Mastering new responsibilities
  6. Managing stress and uncertainty
  7. Setting expectations
  8. Navigating the learning curve
  9. Maintaining work-life balance
  10. Understanding internal processes


"With the plan, I've built a network of allies to better understand issues, concerns, needs, and insights. This plan facilitates teamwork and identifies what truly matters." - Fannie Léveillée, Assistant Director of HR and OHS, Blais Industries Inc.

Ensure a seamless transition to your new position with our 100% guaranteed program"

Investment: $275 (plus applicable taxes) - 100% Refundable.

Optimal Flexibility: Embrace our program on your terms, anytime, anywhere.

Unlock Rich Content: Dive into 3 hours of video content across 8 modules, featuring 44 video clips, and access 20 downloadable documents to support your learning.

Personalized Plan: Receive a personalized game plan, including 45 tailored activities to complete in 90 days, guaranteeing your successful transition.

Satisfaction Assured: Our unwavering commitment to your success; if our program doesn't meet your expectations for any reason, you'll receive a full refund within the first 30 days.

Results: You will be in control of your success in your new role.

"The program, in our opinion, is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge available on the market." - Normand Lebeau, President & Chief Guardian of the Mandrake Experience, Mandrake

Is this program for you?

  • I am a manager with many years of experience

    YES! Every integration is unique, and the past doesn't always guarantee the future. Even though you might possess about 50% of the knowledge presented in this program, some of it may have faded from memory. By going through the 8 modules, you'll gain perspective, adopt an onboarding-focused mindset, and create a personalized game plan to clarify your thoughts. This process will unveil your leadership, communication, and management skills, ultimately granting you mastery over your integration and the opportunity to make a swift impact.

  • I have just finished my studies and I am starting my first job as a professional

    YES! Absolutely, this program is designed for you. It will help you avoid common mistakes by emphasizing your soft skills. You were recruited for your technical abilities, but the success of your integration relies on your communication and leadership aptitudes. By crafting your personalized game plan for the coming weeks and months, you'll gain the confidence to undertake meaningful actions at the right time. This program will continue to serve you well throughout your career.

  • I'm considering changing jobs in the coming months

    YES! Integration begins the moment you accept your new job. You undoubtedly want to ensure that the choice you make aligns with your values and expectations. Too many people overlook due diligence before accepting a position. This program will prompt you to reflect on your needs, bring up important interview questions, and prepare you to answer the question "How do you plan to integrate yourself in the first weeks, months?" You will be well-equipped before, during, and after the job search process.

  • I have just been promoted to a management position in the same company; l will now have direct reports

    YES! Paradoxically, integration into a new role within the same company can sometimes be more complex than in a new company, especially in the case of a promotion. The common mistake is to assume that you already know the company, its culture, and its stakeholders well. While having this knowledge is an asset, it can also become a trap. A promotion requires stepping back, observing, asking questions, reestablishing your internal network, understanding new expectations at a higher level, and practicing active listening. Although the first three modules might seem less relevant to you, starting from the fourth module, you'll be able to implement the personalized game plan to successfully transition with confidence, all while managing the pressure to perform quickly.

  • I have lost my job and I am looking for the next challenge

    YES! Job loss can be a challenging experience. It's crucial to ensure that your next career decision aligns with your values and expectations. Far too often, people neglect conducting thorough due diligence before accepting a job offer. This program will prompt you to reflect on your needs, highlight critical interview questions, and prepare you to answer the inevitable question: "How do you envision your integration during the first weeks and months?" You will be well-equipped before, during, and after the job search process.

  • I am currently undergoing interviews for a position that entails new responsibilities in a new field of activities

    YES! Taking on new responsibilities in a different field of activity can come with the pressure to succeed and perform. This program will be particularly valuable for you. Firstly, it will help you raise critical questions for interviews, allowing you to assess whether you align with the expectations, culture, challenges, and nature of the role. Secondly, it will provide you with the necessary resources to mentally prepare for this change by guiding you in planning your arrival as well as the upcoming weeks and months.

  • I have been in my current position for 3 months

    YES! If this question arises, it's likely that you have doubts about your choice or your performance and do not feel entirely comfortable in your role. This is an important time to step back and take specific actions to regain control of your integration. It's a moment to revisit stakeholders, verify certain information, seek feedback, and realign your onboarding on the right track.

I took the 90-Day Onboarding Plan program to familiarize myself with the content and be better prepared to support our newest team members. Tim Emoff, Vice President/Partner at Sales Outsource Solutions.

The onboarding plan presented in this format is excellent as it offers multiple examples tailored to different organizational levels, including managers, directors, vice-presidents, and their relationships with the board of directors. Geneviève Provencher, Vice President - Operations, CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation

Course curriculum - see ALL the details

    1. Module 1.1 - How to make the most of this training

    2. Module 1.2 - Why make a big deal of an Onboarding Plan?

    3. Module 1.3 - The importance of a plan - don't be a statistic!

    4. Module 1.4 - Program objectives & overview

    5. Module 1.5 - Why are you here?

    6. Module 1.6 - Test your knowledge - Module 1 quiz

    7. Module 1.7 - Course Overview: Your guide to success!

    1. Module 2.1 - What is DNA and what impact will it have on your success?

    2. Module 2.2 - Who are the stakeholders and why pay so much attention to them?

    3. Module 2.3 - Culture, what is the impact on your approach to onboarding? (Part 1)

    4. Module 2.4 - Culture, what is the impact on your approach to onboarding? (Part 2)

    5. Module 2.5 - What is the history of the position you are about to start?

    6. Module 2.6 - Do you know the profile of the company you are joining?

    7. Module 2.7 - How to find out the real situation of the company.

    8. Module 2.8 - What cannot be measured cannot be managed!

    9. Module 2.9 - Test your knowledge - Module 2 quiz

    10. Module 2.10 - Reminders to download

    1. Module 3.1 - The onboarding starts NOW!

    2. Module 3.2 - Dare to communicate NOW!

    3. Module 3.3 - Prepare your message NOW!

    4. Module 3.4 - Start your 90-Day Plan NOW!

    5. Module 3.5 - Test your knowledge - Module 3 quiz

    6. Module 3.6 - Reminders to download

    1. Module 4.1 - Follow the plan to take your place with humility & leadership

    2. Module 4.2 - What will you need to accomplish in the first month?

    3. Module 4.3 - Who are the stakeholders and who should you connect with?

    4. Module 4.4 - Three key questions essential to understanding the DNA

    5. Module 4.5 - Test your knowledge - Module 4 quiz

    6. Module 4.6 - Reminders to download

    1. Module 5.1 - Onboarding meeting with your manager

    2. Module 5.2 - Onboarding meetings with your direct reports

    3. Module 5.3 - Onboarding meetings with your indirect reports

    4. Module 5.4 - Onboarding meetings with your peers

    5. Module 5.5 - Onboarding meetings with your indirect stakeholders

    6. Module 5.6 - Onboarding meetings with your manager's colleagues

    7. Module 5.7 - Onboarding meetings with the executive level

    8. Module 5.8 - Continue creating your 90-Day Onboarding Plan

    9. Module 5.9 - Test your knowledge - Module 5 quiz

    10. Module 5.10 - Reminders to download

    1. Module 6.1 - Validate before moving forward!

    2. Module 6.2 - Yes, feedback is essential!

    3. Module 6.3 - Quick wins, who are you?

    4. Module 6.4 - Ready to share some findings?

    5. Module 6.5 - Accelerate your learning!

    6. Module 6.6 - Start your diagnosis

    7. Module 6.7 - It's time to go out and develop your external network

    8. Module 6.8 - Continue creating your 2nd month plan

    9. Module 6.9 - Test your knowledge - Module 6 quiz

    10. Module 6.10 - Reminders to download

About this course

  • $275.00
  • 48 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • 22 files to download

The most cutting-edge and comprehensive program on the market

Over 750 professionals, including senior executives, middle managers, supervisors, project leaders, and other experts from SMEs, large corporations, and the public sector, have been guided by our practice leader, Linda Arsenault MCC. Drawing from fifteen years of hands-on experience, this program accurately reflects the realities that individuals in transition to new positions face.

Through concrete examples, practical tools, insightful advice, a personalized action plan, self-assessment questionnaires, lists of probing questions, and strategic approaches, you will have all the necessary resources at your disposal to take actions that will yield swift impact. As a result, you will be in control of your integration process.

"We implemented the 90-Day Integration Program by offering it to our new employees, and the results are immediate. The impact is immediately noticeable through the approach and posture of the new individuals joining the company. The program sets the stage for our own corporate onboarding plan." - Steeve Pinard, Manager, Employee Experience - VELAN

Become the master of your job change: Create your personalized game plan

Changing jobs?
Don't be a statistic
What is the difference between a personal onboarding plan vs a company plan?

Don't be a statistic!

“88% of organizations don't onboard well”


“20% of employees are fired or quit in the first 45 days.”


“We’ve found that 40 per cent of executives hired at the senior level are pushed out, fail or quit within 18 months. It’s expensive in terms of lost revenue. It’s expensive in terms of the individual’s hiring. It’s damaging to morale.”

Heidrick & Struggles

“58% of organizations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork”


“Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%”

Brandon Hall Group

“72% of my clients think it is important to have an onboarding plan; 90% do not have one!”

LA Comm

“Only 37% of businesses ensure that their onboarding process is longer than a month.”



  • How does the 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

    If you are not satisfied with this program within 30 days, we will provide you with a full refund. All we ask is for you to provide us with the reasons why the program did not work for you.

  • How much does the program cost?

    One simple payment of $275 (plus applicable taxes). The course includes 3 hours of video, 48 lessons, 22 downloadable files, quizzes to test your knowledge and a strategic plan template .

  • I already know how to onboard and the company I am joining already has an onboarding plan. Why do I need this program?

    The company’s onboarding plan (when one exists) serves to welcome you and familiarize you with the new environment, introduce you to the stakeholders, review administrative items and provide you with the necessary training. It is designed to attract, retain, mobilize, reduce the turnover rate, and enhance the employer brand. The objective of the 90-Day Personal Onboarding Plan is to focus on YOU - your communication, management, and leadership style. The plan will allow you to integrate faster while achieving superior results making you look good to your new manager and company. In this unique program, we will create a detailed onboarding plan that includes 45 milestones that will be completed over 90 days. Refer to the course curriculum for all the course details.

  • When should I start the program and how long does it take to complete?

    Ideally, you should start the program the minute you accept the new position. The program includes 3 hours of video content, checklist documents to assist in your planning and a Strategic Plan template that we will complete together.